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Etihad SuperSeller 

Etihad SuperSeller

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Etihad SuperSeller- the most rewarding, simple and easy to use trade incentive scheme has been designed to enable our trade partners to benefit from every eligible ticket you issue with Etihad Airways.

Etihad SuperSeller allows you to earn miles on every Diamond First, Pearl Business or Coral Economy Class ticket** you sell - the higher the ticket value the more miles - and you can redeem the miles you earn for more than 2,900 fantastic items at our online Rewards Shop with products and services ranging from I Phone 4S to Dining experience at Jumeirah Beach hotel.

1. Unique features
2. Earn and redeem miles
3. How does it work?
4. GDS entries

1. Unique Features of Etihad SuperSeller are:

Easy to use: No forms to fill, no paperwork to submit, just log into etihadagents.com to receive an Etihad SuperSeller APIN  and get started.

Generous incentives: Agents earn miles based on the destinations they sell. The higher the fare, the more miles earned.

Live tracking: Agents can login to etihadagents.com and check miles earned any time. Etihad Guest Miles per segment will be credited within 72 hours once travel has been completed

Long lasting miles – Compared with the average loyalty programme, Etihad Guest Miles go much further with SuperSeller – they stay active for three years.

2. Earn and redeem miles

   Miles calculation
  Diamond First Class (Miles) Pearl Business Class(Miles) Coral Economy Class(Miles)
  Indian Sub Continent 175 175  
  GCC and Middle East 350 200 50
  Africa 800 300  
  Europe 1100 500 150
  Asia Pacific 1250 550 150
  US and Canada 2000 900  

Miles represented in the above table are awarded on a one way basis.

For instance, when you book 10 return First Class tickets to US or Canada in Diamond First Class, you earn 40,000 miles. With these you can redeem a Panasonic 32’’ LCD TV or a Hugo Boss Gents watch from our Rewards Shop. Or  when you book 7 return tickets to Asia Pacific on Pearl Business Class, you earn 7700 miles -  you can redeem these miles to purchase an Iomega Super Slim DVD Writer or a Philips Handheld Vacuum Cleaner***.

To view complete range of products and services, visit Rewards Shop.


3. How does it work?

Step 1: Agents have to register to Etihad SuperSeller and receive the APIN number to participate in the program. 

Step 2: Log into your account and enter your APIN number before you make a booking.

Step 3: Quote your APIN on the GDS for every Etihad Airways ticket you book. Miles get credited to your account based on the destinations you sell.

Step 4: Remember to enter your customer’s Etihad Guest number as well in the booking so you both earn miles.

Step 5: Visit our Rewards Shop and check out the wide choice of products and services. You can redeem your Etihad Guest Miles to purchase any product or service from the Rewards Shop.


4. GDS entries

Your APIN will depend on the GDS you use, each travel agent will receive a 12 digit number upon registration. Below example is for illustrative purpose only.

   Global Distribution System (GDS) Entry on the system
  Amadeus SK APIN EY-200012341234
  Galileo SI.EY*APIN./200012341234
  Sabre 3OSI EY APIN./200012341234
  Worldspan 3OSI EY APIN./200012341234
  Abacus 3OSI EY APIN./200012341234
  Topas 3F OSI EY APIN./200012341234

*2011,2010 and 2009 World Travel Awards.
**On Coral Economy Class, Miles can be earned only on tickets to GCC, Middle East, China and Germany.
***Above mentioned example is indicative only and purchase from Rewards Shop depends on product availability and miles earned.

Please note
Visit etihadagents.com to check how many miles you have earned. Etihad Guest Miles per segment will be credited within 72 hours once travel has been completed. Should you need any further assistance, please contact the Etihad SuperSeller helpdesk at uaesuperseller@etihad.ae